This “Before-And-After” Meme Is Exploding In China And Takes Glow-Ups To The Next Level

The meme’s called “Karma is a bitch” and shows a dramatic transformation of its creators. The meme has people lip-syncing the line “Karma is a bitch,” spoken by the character Veronica from the popular teen drama TV seriesĀ Riverdale, while the song “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn blares in the background.

Some of the best videos unveil some pretty glamorous glow-ups, like this one…

…or this one, from pajamas to clubbing attire and a full face of makeup.

Even dudes are getting in on it too. That wink!

Even better, some transformations are not entirely what you’d expect.

This woman even threw on a face filter for added special effects.

This one is adorable and might be my favorite yet.

Even couples are getting in on the meme action.

Finally, as you’d expect…not every glow-up goes perfectly as planned!