Chinese Family Went On 6-Month Fitness Journey, And Their Before-And-After Photos Are Incredible

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Either way, read on and be inspired.

Jesse, a 32-year old photographer from China, knew losing weight and exercising can be a difficult challenge, so he decided to make it a family affair by including his wife, mom, and dad. They supported each other during the 6-month workout regime, and their before-and-after pictures are pretty incredible.

It all started when Jesse’s mom decided to move in with him and his wife to help with raising their new kid. Since his parents would both be at home, Jesse decided to use the opportunity for everyone to get in shape and improve their bonding time.

As you can see below, Jesse’s dad was not living a healthy lifestyle — he was a chronic alcoholic drinker with the beer belly to match. So they started out with simple, easy workouts. Fast-walking became jogging, and jogging became lifting in the weight room.

They also made sure to document their fitness journey by taking pictures of their changing bodies every 10 days.

The regime started last year on March 10th and ended on September 30th (6 months), but given their fantastic results, the family plans to stick to their fitness plan. 6-pack abs aside, Jesse said that the best part of the workout was seeing his dad transform into a more confident, self-assured man.

Let’s be honest, with a “dad bod” like his, it’s easy to see why! Pictures are below: