22 Brilliant Packaging Designs That Deserve To Be Showcased In An Art Gallery

1. Tea Hangers

2. Bikini


3. Dumbell-shaped Bag from fitness company

4. Parmesan Pencil

5. Sourdough bread

Lo Siento Studio

6. Japanese Noodles

7. Eggs

Springetts Brand Design Consultants

8. Fitness bread buns

9. Butterfly Tea

10. Headphones shaped like a musical note

Corinne Pant

11. Goldfish tea bags

Charm Villa

12. Shirt wrapped like lettuce head


13. Cupcakes


14. Honey

Terence Kitching

15. Beer bag

16. Japanese pastry


17. Rellana Wool

18. Trident gum

Hani Douaji

19. Bird tea bag

Natalia Ponomareva

20. Cookies


21. Heart-shaped container for wine

Constantin Bolimord

22. Kohborg “Support the Breasts” bread packaging