21 ‘Bend the Knee’ Memes Every GoT Fan Will Appreciate

There’s currently a lot of talk about “taking the knee” in sports and politics…which is the only excuse I needed to compile my personal stash of Game of Thrones “bend the knee” memes. I hope you enjoy, some of these are vintage and go back several seasons!

1. Let’s start with a classic for nostalgia’s sake

2. Me talking to my crush


3. Drogon can be very persuasive

4. This explains everything!

5. Dany vs Stannis, who you got?

6. Do you even lift, lord?

7. Even Arya can’t escape lmao

8. Office Space crossover episode

9. How to please your Khaleesi

10. Jon episodes 1-6

11. The Shining Dany

12. Kingofdanorf! Wait no wtf

13. Dany can’t stop, won’t stop

14. Avatar: The Last Kneebender

15. The Struggle is Real

16. My exact reaction during this episode

17. Send a raven for Lord Bender from Futurama


19. Physically incapable though

20. Jon knows something


BONUS: Meme for Season 8

Can Season 8 be here yet? I’ll bend BOTH knees f-ck.