19 Super Funny Parents Who’ll Make You Admit “Yea, They Won 2017”

With parents like these, you’ll spend a good amount of time laughing…just make sure not to be the victim of their savage jokes.

1. These parents who roasted their son

2. This dad who’s a secret snorkeling genius

3. This mom who wanted to make her point very clear

4. This dad who’s found his place in the supermarket aisle

5. This mom who’s not cool with “whole ass”

6. These parents who put their son’s mugshot on the holiday cards

7. This dad who is all of us on Snapchat

8. This mom who only cares for her true baby

9. The parents of this very tall baby

10. This dad and his really annoyed face


11. This dad who sent some old-school texts

12. This mom who made a tater-doggo


13. This mom who just wants to sell her mirror

14. This dad who loves giving money in weird ways


15. This dad who made something out of nothing

16. This dad who’s overly excited about a hot pepper

17. This dad who is super dramatic


18. This dad who took advantage of some great photoshopping


19. This mom who sent a hilarious text message