18 Times People Went Above And Beyond To Pull The Perfect Prank

I LOVE laughing at good pranks, and these are all pretty solid pranks if I have to say so myself. Although, I’m not sure how I’d feel to be on the receiving end of some of these, which are quite intricate or frustrating to deal with afterwards. From having to walk all the way back home to deal with a “leak” (#6), to cleaning up a mess of cornbread (#13)…and worst of all having to remove 29 hidden troll pictures (#18).

1. Not the quarter pounder he asked for


2. A costume one year in fermentation

3. One year not long enough? How about 7 years.


4. These friends actually held a funeral for their friend in the dormitory hallways


5. Try explaining this to your date…

6. I don’t know if I’d laugh or cry if I had to come back home for this


7. Talk about dedication for your photo. 40 years!


8. This incredibly accurate before-and-after shaving pic


9. This nerdy Chemistry joke

The periodic table abbreviations spell: “BaCK ThAt AZz UP”


10. This person spent way longer than he/she needed to make this joke

via Reddit

11. How has mom not noticed??

12. This incredible dedication to Harambe (RIP)


13. It’s a Corn Bed. Although sweet of the roommate to cover the bed with plastic beforehand


14. What I want to know is, how much did he spend to buy those DVDs

15. This 4-year (and counting!) “Shirtception” t-shirt gag

via Reddit ( GeorgieWashington )

16. “You know your pops is committed to dad jokes when he stops in the middle of a six hour drive in Wyoming just to take this picture.”

via Reddit ( Mechanicalmama )

17. This prank from the future


18. This roommate who went just a tad bit overboard with her revenge prank