18 Miniature Tattoos To Get In Discrete, Unexpected Areas

Some cool, subtle tattoos that might inspire you for the new year.

1. A tiny toe ring, but permanent

via Instagram/@tattooist_banul

2. A flower tucked behind the ear

via Instagram/@wittybutton_tattoo

3. A tiny elephant holding a red balloon

4. Just a little faith is all you’ll need

5. This tiny moon

6. A little paw on a foot

7. These colorful matching dots

8. And this couple’s tattoo

9. Follow the little stars

10. ‘Eye’ see you on ankle

11. These tiny words on the neck

12. An arrow finger tattoo

13. These creative, tiny scissors

14. A small, lonely planet

15.This ear’s got a pulse

16. Miniature birds

17. Blue heart on the sleeve

18. This little paper plane