17 Starbucks Spelling Fails That’ll Make You Toss Your Coffee

I demand to know who’s behind these misspellings and also can I get a pumpkin spice latte to go? 😂

1. When Pierre turned into Biyr

2. When Meredith became Maridth…

Here's a new one! Let's just totally ignore the last vowel #starbucksfail

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3. This one’s understandable: Whitney –> Wendy

4. How about Hillary to Kettaay…wait what?

I have some questions… #starbucksfail It's not even what I ordered.

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5. Susan to Suezan

6. Or how about Blake to whatever this is

7. Gareth to Karrots, very nice

That's it, I'm changing my name! Happy Thanksgiving! #callmekarrots #starbucksfail

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8. Eva became Ifwa here

9. Sydney to Sitney

10. Heath to Treef makes no sense whatsoever

"Say this out loud. This isn't even a real name. I don't understand." ~Heath, OR

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11. Sylvia became Celia

12. Reshma to Burashalaa? I mean there is an extra syllable

13. Jay Lee to Jelly 🙂 (that was definitely on purpose!)

14. Denis to Teness

15. Bennie became Melin, which makes no sense either

16. Ayuni to IUE, I love how they scratched out the A/E at the end

17. Harry to Pehrry, now that’s just rude!