17 Rare Pics That Reveal Unseen Perspectives And Will Change Your View Of The World

1. The inside of this guitar looks like an apartment I can’t afford

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2. Cyclist’s legs after the Tour-de-France

After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired 😬 #tourdefrance

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3. Inside of DJ Deadmau5’s iconic helmet

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4. Perspective from outer space of a space shuttle launch

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5. Inside of a firecracker shell

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6. The inner workings of shaving cream

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7. Looking into a theater from behind the stage

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8. This is how brick streets are laid in the Netherlands

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9. Cross-section of a trimmed hedge

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10. What the interior of a pool table looks like

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12. What the underside of a lily pad looks like

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13. Tortoises have the weirdest looking skeletons

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14. The blood vessels of a hand

15. What a modern battleship looks like with no water around it

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16. The inside of a bowling ball

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17. Ever wondered what a blue whale’s blowhole looks like?

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