15 Terrible Toys That Probably Should Be Thrown Into An Incinerator And Burned

1. “You can shave your baby”

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2. Baby bear has no body and might actually a slug

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3. Cinderella’s nose job didn’t quite go as planned

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4. “My dog destroyed her toy cactus, and there was another sad cactus inside.”

To be fair, this one is actually kind of funny and well-designed.

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5. This toy is more for adults

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6. “Chinese toy”

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7. When the designer is tired of drawing

8. “Austria…home of kangaroos and deserts”


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10. “My little sister’s toy looks like it just smoked itself into a new era.”

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11. “Hmmm…”

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12. “Why??”

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13. This Belle figurine from Beauty and the Beast

14. Glitter poop!

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15. Scary Minnie

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