15 Of The Most Fascinating “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” Moments People Actually Captured

Thank goodness for cameras, because I totally wouldn’t have believed any of these if someone told me without photographic proof. I think by far my favorite one is #3, which actually made me laugh out loud…let me know which ones are your favorites in the FB comments! 😂

1. “I think a squirrel fell off my roof..”

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2. “My co-worker’s friend just saw this in Florida while driving..they were even barking.”

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3. “A gorilla flipped me off, so I flipped him off in return and he was very offended.”

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4. “It’s so cold right now that I can’t even flush the toilet”

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5. “On the boat with my family and I was sitting on the edge to get a good photo of the water and me and two dolphins and it’s calf jumped out of the water and this image was caught at the perfect time.”

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6. “It’s as if it was meant to be”

If you’re confused, check out the shape of the island…

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7. “So this happened in northern Wisconsin yesterday”

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8. “Sorry class, my dog ate everyone’s homework”

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9. “Someone Somehow Managed to throw a Budweiser Bottle Inside the Wall of my University Campus Without Smashing it.”

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10. “How is that even possible?!”

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11. “Buddy of mine calls me to tell me he just rolled his jeep through a telephone pole. I said pics or it didn’t happen. He sent me this.”

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12. “So this just happened”

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13. “Sandwich shop offers Liam Neeson free food, Liam Neeson show up”

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14. “Was at the Pub last night. Walked in and saw this”

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15. “Just happened to see a rainbow on Rainbow Blvd”

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