15 Funny Photos That Confirm Men Are Actually Just Boys With Facial Hair

1. My friend and I were house-sitting and the Owners asked us if we were doing anything fun. Queue the Man-Child Photo shoot.

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2. I’m 38. I’m immature. I found a buttato.

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3. My dad thought he was home alone. I had to see why he was laughing so hard..

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4. Tonight I let my inner child loose, and it felt damn good

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5. Today my boyfriend bought a label maker…

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6. My Dad got his head stuck in the porch yesterday whilst trying to feed a dead bee to a spider that lives in the bushes…

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7. We’re adults and we get to decide what that means: The Home Depot Edition

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8. It stormed during the eclipse so my dad improvised.

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9. My mom made the kids dinosaur tails for Christmas but they don’t fit around adult waists…

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10. When you leave your husband alone with the garden decor.

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11. During a 12 hour flight delay my boyfriend wandered off. When I found him he was in the middle of a Pixar movie marathon with a group of 5 year olds. He’s the one for me.

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12. Came home to this, we don’t have any children…

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13. “Fixed” the kitchen canister labels last week. Wife hasn’t noticee, yet.

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14. My Dad is really enjoying him some Clint Eastwood

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15. Had sparklers at my wedding reception last night. I think they won over my father-in-law

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