13 Tips About Eating Booty From People Who Are Delightfully Filthy

Apparently kids these days love to eat two things that are not actual foods — buttholes and laundry detergent pods. One of these things I definitely support and the other one is poisoning yourself with cleaning chemicals. I’ve always been an openminded person I’ll try anything twice this free-spirited nature brought me into the world of eating booty. If you’re not down with it all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it, you might surprise yourself.

I’ve compiled 13 of the best booty-eating tips the Internet has to offer. Obviously, being clean / hygienic is the most important rule, but past that things can get a little wild…enjoy and good luck in your anal endeavors!

1. Start with moving a flat tongue up and down, then slowly make it more pointed and start circling.

2. Be super liberal with spit.

3. Start gently to tease them and also help them relax

It’s subtle. You have to gently…well okay with gentle force spread their cheeks. Then you gently run your tongue around their hole. Then you forcefully lick up while pushing your tongue inside of them. Following this, you forcefully run your tongue back down with the backside of your tongue. Guaranteed moans and easier entry.

4. Mix up the sensations with air

Blow air and breathe to mix up the sensation. You can breathe warm air or blow cooler air on wet skin. Always ends in shivers.

5. Don’t forget to pay attention to your partner’s genitals.

I like to call it the trombone technique: Make sure while rimming to use your hand to continually jack them off.

6. Keep a soaked rag nearby

Best thing to do is smear some decent tasting mouthwash on a rag and keep it nearby. tricks? constant spit helps. also don’t jam a finger inside but apply steady pressure to the butthole every now and then. doesn’t hurt to suck on it either. sometimes you can make a toe pop that way though.

7. No teeth on or around the opening — the skin there is sensitive and prone to irritation!

8. Stimulate the spot between the anus and the vagina or balls.

9. Don’t be afraid to use a pillow to get the position just right.

10. Suction with your lips over the opening and suck on it.

11. Multitask, multitask.

If you’re rimming a woman, don’t forget her vagina and clitoris and use your fingers to stimulate her there.

12. Use your whole tongue, not just the tip.

13. Lastly, be enthusiastic because no one likes a half-assed licking.